Agriculture is a complex global ecosystem

Home growers and smallholder farms, that is farms that are just a couple of acres in size or smaller, play a crucial role in establishing our food system, sustaining rural economies and protecting our natural resources.  These types of farms make up ninety eight percent of the world's agricultural holdings sustaining billions of people.

Our technology enables home growers and smallholder farmers

Using technology, pests and diseases in plants can be identified early through automated monitoring and inspection. With artificial intelligence and computer vision, problems in plants can be detected before they are visually spotted. Recognizing traits and patterns in vegetable gardens can prevent long term problems and lead to many years of successful and sustainable growth. 

We believe in solving the big problems

As the world's population continues to grow, the ability to supply enough food is a growing concern. Technology is the catalyst for change, and making such capabilities available and easily accessible to home growers and smallholder farmers marks the beginning of this journey.

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